Friday, March 6, 2015

Travel feature about nature park Grand Canyon Park in The USA.

Travel feature about nature park Grand Canyon Park in The USA.

The Grand Canyon National Park is the most delightful and extraordinary nature save in the USA, its 5000 square kilometers covering more than four distinctive climatic zones and climbing to 2200 meters above ocean level.The Grand Canyon is likewise Indian Territory, the Navajo, Hopi and Havasuapi Indians still occupy this area. Perfectly heaped one over the other, the Grand Canyon feautes twelve geographical layers of different time periods. Its time-compass ranges from the fossil rich 250 million year old limestone of the Kaibab Plateau to the just about two million year old Vishu slate at the base of the gorge. The Colorado River made this characteristic gem in under ten million years with extreme high temperature and great chilly disintegrating the rock, took after by precipitation that drove it down into a relentless waterway. Up to 1600 meters profound and averaging 16 kilometers wide, the unimaginable measurements of this colossal void are hard to fathom, the plunge into the ravine being similar to an excursion into the Earth's removed past. The beams of the sun make the land strata seem cocoa from above and green and blue from beneath. The cream-shaded strata in the upper parts of the valley dividers contain fossils of wipes, corals, snails and scavangers. The beige-shaded sandstone contains fish skeletons and in the purple limestone there are the impressions of water lilies and primitive shellfish, with green slate uncovering hints of mussels and worms. At the base of the ravine there are no further indications of life, just dim slate that is almost two billion years of age, blended with grainy pink stone. There is pretty much no place else on the planet where the layman is furnished with such a rich and far reaching knowledge to the historical backdrop of the development of the Earth's topographical layers made amid the course of the previous two billion years.

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