Monday, March 16, 2015

Travel feature about destination Macedonia.

Travel feature about destination Macedonia.

Macedonia is a youthful Balkan republic that is a mix of both Orient and Occident. Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and is placed in the Vardar River Valley. It has a sensational history that compasses numerous a great many years and structures the intersection of two exchanging courses in southeast Europe that unite both western and eastern civilisation. The legacy of Ottoman times is inescapable in Skopje. One of the city's most decently safeguarded mosques is that of the Gazi-Isisa-Bey Djamia and in the seventeenth century it is accepted that there were dependent upon a hundred and twenty mosques in the city. Stool principle started in 1392 and went on for more than five hundred years. Close to the town of Glumovo is the Bogorodica Monastery that was established in the fourteenth century and is dynamic again today. The medieval frescos on the dividers and roofs are decently saved following five centuries. Southwest of Prilep is the old city of Stibera that is otherwise called Macedonian Pompeii. It is in a decent area on a vital street. The last Macedonian ruler, Perseus, had his military home office in Stibera amid his battles with Rome. In the south, only a couple of kilometers from the Greek outskirt, is Bitola, at the foot of Pelister Mountain and on the edge of the rich Pelagonija Plains. Structures with Neo-Baroque and Renaissance exteriors, enormous mosques and unbelievable conciliatory habitations demonstrate the city's significance. Macedonia is a wild land brimming with common quality and with a long and emotional history that is well worth more than only a flying visit. Surely, this visit likewise offers a Galička wedding that is a fine case of vivid convention and neighborhood societ

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