Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Traveling in Budapest A Great Place To Travel

Budapest is a great blend of the east and the west and is the meeting point of central Europe. It was a major city to host many of the historic events of Europe. It is a place that promises growth for many businesses. The beautifully built city is a special delight for travel lovers.

Budapest provides a great holiday destination and the summer festival in Budapest is definitely a worthy visit! Summer concerts are organized at Budapest in places that has excellent ambience! Palm House is often a preferred place for the concert that is located near the lake. This proximity with the lake in a sunset time creates an excellent ambience! Couples are said to enjoy their romantic outings at Budapest. It is a great place for travel lovers. It is a perfect honeymoon destination.

The castle of Vajdahunyad is an architectural marvel which is famous for holding concerts. Music lovers are greatly attracted by the concerts at this place. It makes one to get immersed in the music wave! It has a plethora of sight seeing options. One would be fascinated to view the architecture of the city which has been well blended with the modern advancements. One could find lots of olden buildings to be renovated and it is essential for the visitors to plan the tour to cover all the places of the city.

The heritage sites of the city include Castle District, Andrassy, etc which has been recognized as heritage sites by the UNESCO. Fishermen's Bastion provides a good panoramic view of the city which is a must watch place. The city also provides a good shopping malls and been a favorite for shopaholics! The flats and shops in the city are built quite close to each other. Budapest runs an underground continental railway. Budapest also has a museum of fine arts and it greatly encourages art and music. It is regarded as a favorite destination for fine arts lovers!

Donau river, Budapest (Photographer: Michiel van Raaij)budapest-and-th-river-danube

Budapest City

The Chain Bridge

Fishermen’s Bastion

St. Stephen’s Basilica



the Parliament

The Millenary Monument

Hungary - Széchenyiphoto

Széchenyi Medicinal Bath


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